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9 Myths ‘Magical’ Around Pregnancy

How are you? Hope you are healthy always. I will share an article about myths surrounding pregnancy. Many myths in society that can make us confused. Here I will discuss one by one the myth is that you know what these things are just a myth or a fact.

Abdominal shape marker Baby Gender
Purportedly advanced form of the stomach or the stomach bulge above indicates an unborn baby is a baby boy. While the broad belly or lower abdomen shape of your baby girl. In fact, there is no accurate evidence of this myth. So, however, the size, shape, and the stomach, the main one is the baby in the womb you have cared for, treated, and loved.

Due Birth Signs Coffee Stains
Did you know? Drink one or two cups of coffee a day during pregnancy will not damage the health of your skin. When you choose to be latte drinkers had nothing to do with the birthmarks on your baby’s future.

Raise Your baby’s hand and Choking!
Some say, if the mother lifting the arms up over the head when pregnant, then the baby will be entangled umbilical cord. It does not make sense. Your uterus is not associated with the right hand, the baby’s umbilical cord is not twisted as you lift a hand. Consult your doctor for pregnancy.

Pretty Woman Stealing babies mother
That said, causing the skin to the baby girl’s mother interrupted, facial acne, skin irritation, due to the small princess steal your beauty. In fact, due to the growth of the fetus may be experiencing skin dryness due to heat in or hormonal disorders. But dry skin can not be used as an indication of the sex of your baby. Apply a moisturizing cream on the body. To see the sex of the baby, do ultrasound.

See the Ugly, So Ugly
When you meet such a bad person, or a terrible thing when you are pregnant, you will be frightened future baby will be born in a state that is not beautiful. Do not mind, it’s not going to happen. After all, your baby is the most handsome prince and beautiful princess for your baby.

Childbirth At Full Moon, Easier!
Maybe you’ve heard many mothers go into labor, even to force, to give birth when the moon is round full round. One of the hospitals in China even deliberately assigned a paramedic in the delivery room at the full moon. In fact, the results of some research states: there is no logical evidence to support this myth.

Acid Food likes = Infant Male
When your chocolate cravings, a lot of ‘accuse’ you baby girl. Ask buy young mango, sign ask buy baby boy clothes. There is no guarantee of any medical claim that certain flavor cravings can determine the sex of the baby.

Heat in, sign-Headed Baby
If you suffer from heartburn while pregnant in the extraordinary, not necessarily your baby will be born with smooth hairless head. Heat in a common symptom in pregnancy, especially in the last trimester when fetal organs pressing his mother.

Believe it not, then woe
A lot of advice given to you, “If you do not believe it, then you harm.” Saying thank you to people who are willing to spend the time to give good advice to you, however you feel irritated and disturbed their advice in mind it is not. But rest assured, life, death, profit and damn someone was arranged by God.

So this brief article, you may come to know the facts of the myths that developed in the community. Hopefully this article useful to you.